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If you are a local South Aussie trader, make a home made Australian product or have a unique product & would like someone to display these products in a shop, then look no further. We have an interesting proposition for you.


Let us showcase some of your products in our shop, we will also take photos and list them on our promoted website. When they sell we will pay your asking price, less a commission.


All this for a once only set up charge of $90


Display your products, in our shop & listed on our online store. Any sales of your products paid monthly into your account, less 27% commission. 24hr online sales promoted locally & nationally. Support available during shop business hours. Products dusted & cleaned on a regular basis.

For under $100, you will get a package, that offers heaps of benefits, including your products showcased & placed online, you basically get your own shop without the need to be there, pay staff wages, no need to pay rent, internet, power bills or even answer the phone.

You also get an address, to make your customers feel secure when buying online, furthermore your customers can come see & feel your range of products. We will also have your info so we can answer any questions.

You won’t need your own website or if you already have a website address (domain) then we can forward this, so when customers visit your site they will be directed to your personal branded page on our site. Saving you monthly domain charges e-commerce &/ or security fees.

We take care of internet enquiries & sales. We also give you confidential notifications of your product sales.

No need to attend markets or the associated costs including market stall price or liability insurance also, don’t forget all the hassles of setting it up and taking it down.

The new concept store is on the main road 63-65 Randell Street in MANNUM, South Australia 5238.

After purchasing the starters package & approval is given, all you do is give the product (on consignment) jot down a few details of product description, including size, weight and any other item specifics. Provide some photos or we will take photos & let us place them in our shop. We will also list the products on our site, (which by the way will also be promoted),

Mannum is a small tourist town situated 80 km's east of Adelaide. Mannum sits on the banks of the Murray river, it brings lots of, mostly, Aussie tourists, offering houseboats & river shacks for hire with major riverboat cruises leaving & arriving from this destination. This is great for the township because it brings in many local tourists. The shop will be on the main road, which is only a short walking distance from the port. If you are local and sell or make handmade, home or craft products and would like to showcase your products in our store, then please phone us on 0491 057 776 9AM - 5PM. We will send you an information sheet, outlining the packages we offer & the terms and conditions.